Shadowhunters season 3 : Jace grieving, Simon in full pursuit, Magnus in danger… the recap of episode 11 [SPOILERS]

Freeform aired last night the episode of recovery of Shadowhunters. In this second part of season 3, Jace, Simon, Isabelle and the others are in mourning while Clary tries to remove his brother once and for all. Recap. Warning, this article contains spoilers about the season 3 of Shadowhunters. Entitled “The lost souls” (direct reference to the 5th volume of the saga literary The Mortal Instruments), the episode of the resumption of season 3 of Shadowhunters installs slowly to the new storyline : the Hunters of shadows think that Clary (Kat McNamara) died when the latter is in fact held prisoner by his brother, Simon feels guilty, Magnus must learn to live without his powers and a new threat is looming… But where are you Clary ? When Lilith hit Simon, an explosion blew the apartment where they were with Clary and Sebastian. The mother of demons, has been returned to Edom, while the vampire has managed to survive the attack. For Jace and Simon, the conclusion is clear : Clary died in the explosion. Thus, we also find all the characters in full mourning. Jace (Dominic Sherwood), which has long been controlled by Lilith, wants to have let the situation escalate. Simon attempts suicide but fails because of the mark of Cain. Magnus remembers the memories that he shared with the young Huntress of shadows. The Enclave decides to pardon Clary posthumously. Alone, Luke thinks that the girl is alive, and is convinced that the apartment has just been moved. But nobody wants to listen to his theory. Freeform Clary and Jonathan are one And yet, Clary is alive and well. The apartment has been moved in the middle of Siberia, carrying the Hunter of shadows and his brother away from New York. When she wakes up, Clary discovers the true face of Jonathan (played by Luke Baines). She tries to escape but fails. When his brother offers him to go to Paris, it takes advantage of a moment of inattention for him to plant a knife in the jaw. Unfortunately, Clary suffered the same injury. They thus discover that they are linked by a mark of Lilith : if one is injured or dies, the other is also. Clary then realizes that she can’t get rid of Jonathan, and she has no way to contact her friends… in search of the oldest vampire in the world Simon feels responsible for the death of Clary, because of the mark of Cain, and wants to get rid of it. He decides to go find Raphael, who is an expatriate in Detroit. It is advised to look for a vampire, the oldest in the world, which is hidden somewhere in the sewers of New York. We leave Simon as he prepares to embark on this new expedition. It should be noted that the writers have revealed it in an interview that they would make revelations about the mark of Cain and the Queen of the fairies in the first three episodes of season 3B. Freeform Jonathan Morgenstern, Magnus in trouble in order To free Jace from the clutches of Lilith, Magnus had to give up his powers. Now that it is no longer a sorcerer, he must learn to defend itself. And when Iris is back to recover Madzie, Magnus may not protect it. This season 3B will be one of the hardest for the sorcerer, if one believes his interpreter, Harry Shum Jr. This episode poses, in any case, the stage is set for the end of the series… What is the Enclave ? This episode of recovery of Shadowhunters is certainly not full of challenges, but one scene stands out from the others. Isabelle discovers that the Enclave torture illegally his prisoners and let management know. But is it really them who are behind these attacks ? A scene, in which we see a Fairy is to administer a strange liquid, puts the doubt. And if Jonathan was behind it all ?